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Back to Canada and the ‘rellies’ – Canadian Thanksgiving!

‘A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.’ – Lao Tsu

Wow, is it fall/autumn here – beautiful weather!

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

It’s been just gorgeous this week. It’s, also, our return to Canada, just in time for a huge family meal for the Canadian Thanksgiving.

Firstly, this week we left the gorgeous state of Wisconsin to then end up in Michigan. Our first night was at a campsite right next to Lake Michigan,

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

which made it easy for us to head over to Mackinac Island – an island in Lake Huron where they have no cars and the only highway, of its kind, in the U.S.!

Horse and Buggie

Horse and Buggy

It was gorgeous and worth the one hour bike ride round the island on this highway. It was my first tandem ride

Tandem Bike Ride

Tandem Bike Ride

– we hit sun, wind, rain and hail – all within the span of an hour – reminding us of the time of year!

We didn’t stay long in Michigan and quickly headed off back into Canada. We are now in the land of my rellies – both sides of the family, as this is where my parents grew up, met, got married and had their first child, my brother, Tim. (I’m the only ‘real’ B.C.’er in our family.) We are still feeling the repercussions of our delays and this week it showed up in a last minute change, on the day, to head to Windsor,

John trying out a new look

John checked out a gun from one of the ‘rellies’ – we don’t use guns like the Americans do!

then, to London, Ontario.

Mom and the cousins

Mom and the cousins

Which worked out brilliantly! We were able to join in our various family gatherings, as it’s our Canadian Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner

– John’s first Thanksgiving. So, it’s been too much food, but lots of great catch up and introductions for John with my large extended family in the east.

Just a post note, I’ve seen some cool vegetables here – purple and orange cauliflower and it tastes delicious!  For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving or Harvest Festivals, what is your favourite Fall/Autumn food?

Purple and Orange Cauliflower

The orange one tastes better to me than the purple!

Happy (post) Thanksgiving! ( some extra notes of interest below)

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner



Extra Notes I forgot to include in the letter:

Talbot Trail – this is a beautiful drive from Point Pelee we did to London, Ontario.  Winds along the lake and has a bit of history to it too!  We found some really nice veggies and such, from the off road sellers.

Also, a part of the Talbot Trail is, the Underground Railway – I never knew that this very historical and important route for Africans escaping the slavery in the Southern States, came all the way up into Canada.


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