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Mud, Bathhouse, Fungi and Sunrises – Point Pelee & Little Rock

‘Rise above the storm and you will find sunshine.’ – Mario Fernandez

Motor-home in Mud

Nothing like a motor-home in mud, good thing the tow truck knew what to do!

Right now, I am sitting in our motor home as we get towed out of our campsite. We got stuck in the mud. As with all plans, there are these ‘little detours’ and we wait to see how long until we move further east into the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

Marshlands, Point Pelee

Marshlands, Point Pelee

So, that’s the now, but this week past I started at Point Pelee

Southern most point in Canada

Southern most point in Canada

– the southernmost point in Canada. It’s on the 42nd parallel, so, most people in Canada live on a lower parallel than those in the UK. A fact I love to quote!

42 second parallel

42 second parallel

It’s a beautiful park with its own unique vegetation and animal life due to its southern position. (more photos below of fungi and our canoe ride in Marshlands)

Beaver Home

Beaver Home – in marshlands

Then, I took a holiday from my holiday and went to Little Rock, Arkansas to meet with a pack of female friends. I knew little about this state, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Nina and Pinta

Nina and Pinta replicas in Little Rock, Arkansas – Columbus’ ships!

It was, also, very warm, so, once again, in one week I went from autumn to summer back to autumn. It’s a very lush, green and hilly area. On my first day in Little Rock, I saw 2 replica ships of the Nina and Pinta – Columbus’ ships, which was part of a walk along the river that includes a sculpture garden with all sorts of beautiful vistas.Rabbit Sculpture

Then, it was lunch together with the ladies and shopping.

At one point in the week, we made it to a bath house where I was bathed in mineral waters, hot towelled, steamed, tried a sits bath, massaged and had a hand paraffin wax treatment  – joy!

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Bath House in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Another day, we did a short hike up part of Pinnacle Mountain, which was beautiful.

Walk on Pinnacle Mountain

Walk on Pinnacle Mountain

Forgot to mention about the beautiful sunrises I saw at dawn – just gorgeous. (photos below of sunrises) All and all a really great ‘find’: the state of Arkansas – it’s, also, Bill Clinton’s home state.

Clinton's hometown

President Clinton’s hometown – Hot Springs, Arkansas

After all this, I went back to London, Ontario for a great meal with ‘rellies’ – I’m all pampered like a pussy cat in cream.
Much Love

Fungi and Canoe Photos from Point Pelee:

Sunrises in Little Rock, Arkansas and Point Pelee, Ontario:


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