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Feline & Friends Pet/House Sitter

Who am I?

Welcome to my new site!

Since, 2012, I’ve been looking after people’s small sized pets – specializing in small animals. I feel it’s important for your small pet to stay in the environment it’s used to – your home. I focus on overnight stays only, so my service is tailored to those who are going away on holiday and know that a cat or small pet is best left in it’s own home. I’m like the Mary Poppins of pet sits.

I started this work to help support my travels with my performing work and it’s just grown from there.

Naturally, I have had pets most of my adult life and has been dubbed ‘the cat whisperer’ by my clients.

What I do…

I am a boutique service to small pets and their homes!

  • I look after small pets – cats, rats, gerbels, hamsters, ginuea pigs, mice, reptiles, birds (including chickens), fish or dogs
  • I do over night sits only (see what we don’t do below)
  • sits from 7 to more nights welcome
  • exclusive list of clients I work with
  • I aim to always leave the house as I’ve found it (we will water plants, but I don’t do any heavy gardening or building work)
  • I work mainly in the U.K. but will consider sits outside this range with the understanding that travel costs will be an added expense

What I don’t do…

At this time, I’m not offering:

  • daily dog walking servies
  • in my home pet day care or overnights
  • day care in peoples homes for their pets (I only do overnight stays)
  • short sits are only in certain circumstances, prefer longer sits

So, if you are looking for someone to give you top scratch care for your pet, I’d love to help!

I do offer last minute care, if you have an emergency or have last minute changes.

Click here to get a quote, find out availability or ask any questions!

I am a small business and get booked up quickly.

I do hope to expand over 2023-2024, so let me know if you would like to join the mailing list for any changes to the services, tips on pet care or availability, so you can be the 1st to know when I are free! Put join the mailing list in your email and Click here