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Hot Tub Boat – Rotterdam

Nothing like a nice hot tub in the canals of Rotterdam

Hot Tub boat

Getting ready to go in our woodfire heated hot tube boat in Rotterdam.

There’s nothing like a good soak and what better way to do it than in the canals around Rotterdam in a hot tub. These are officially called hot tugs.

It was a special occasion our relatives from Canada and New Zealand were meeting up with our relatives in Holland, so what better opportunity to take advantage of this brilliant excursion.

You can do it all year round, we were late summer, so it was OK, but believe me, you can heat the tub warm enough to do it any time of year.

Top Tips!

Be sure to book well in advance and to understand all their terms and conditions on booking. I booked this month’s in advance to make sure we would get a boat, but, of course, it’s weather depending.

Don’t put too many logs on that fire in the stove which heats the tub! My hubby got a little enthusiastic and we ended up sitting the side of the tub for quite a while to cool down! It is electrically run.

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Good Fun

People around the canals will salute and chat with you about the hot tug. It’s really a lot of fun and very easy to do. It’s incredibly relaxing and fun to steer it around the canal. We were lucky the day we went, there was a music festival, so we got serenaded.

I do believe you can do this in more than just Rotterdam, but this may have changed.

What wild and wonderful experiences have you had in Holland?



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