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Wild West to Cultured East

‘Live the life you love. Love the life you live.’

We are on the move again! 3 more states down – South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. We are now in Michigan for a few days. Our long RV repair stay in South Dakota ended this week – we are thankful – all seems to be running well again. Before we left this state, we made a day trip to Deadwood where Bill Hickok was shot in the back by a drunk.

Bill Hickok's Grave

Bill Hickok’s Grave

We saw his and Calamity Jane’s graves.

Calamity Jane's Grave

Calamity Jane’s Grave

John joined in the re-enactment of Hickok’s death which was very funny and I hope to include in this month’s video blog. Also, the night before we left, we went and saw a country band playing on the old movie set for ‘Dances with wolves’, got to stand on the same place that Kevin Costner did while filming and, even, had a cowboy meal.

Cowboy Meal

Cowboy Meal

Then, it was straight through Minnesota, only stopping to sleep and eat. I am finding that casinos have some pretty good campsites, plus, at one, we were able to use the hotel pool and hot tube – very nice.

Nearly forgot to mention the Badlands of South Dakota – beautiful – wished we could have stayed longer to do a few hikes, but the repairs have put us behind on our travels.

Badlands South Dakota

Badlands South Dakota

On the weekend, we took a short stop of a few nights at Turtle Lake, near St. Croix. At St. Croix, we took a paddle wheeler boat trip

Taylor Falls Paddle Wheeler

Taylor Falls Paddle Wheeler goes down St. Croix River

on the river and went through the Wisconsin side of the inter-state park

Glacier pot hole

Glacier pot hole

to learn about how the glaciers formed all the beautiful rocks and lakes of this gorgeous state. Wisconsin has the most lakes of any state and they are everywhere! Great fishing. Plus, the leaves are really starting to change and fall is in the air. Pumpkins are everywhere – including the RV

Halloween in the RV

Halloween in the RV

and I’ve had my first piece of pumpkin pie – a favourite of mine – yummy!

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie



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  1. Don and Carol

    As usual we are enjoying the reports you are sending us on all your adventures.
    Keep up the good work we love it. Thanks Don and Carol.

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