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Crash Landings – Return Entry into Hove, England


The English summer is a bit colder than I like!

Now I know none of you are going to feel sorry for me after this years travel.  Still the return to ‘home’ hasn’t been easy.  Mainly because neither of us know what our next permanent move will be?  Will we stay here?  Will we move somewhere else?  Seems we have too many choices and not enough weeding out the possibilities.

So…what have I been doing this first week?  Well, slowly getting boxes out of our attic and rebuilding our house.  Dealing with the utility bills reconnection.  Picking up keys and a year’s worth of mail – always fun to sort!  We got about six personal items in the bag, but mostly stuff for the recycle – not bad really after a year away.


Our post/mail for a year!

We met with friends and had a catch up at an English summer BBQ which included the traditional English summer drink of PIMMS!


BBQ with the boys

I’ve even started my lovely speed walks along the beach – always a great place to be!


Speed Walking on Hove Beach Front

I think I’m getting my non-traveling legs again and have started teaching a few acting classes to help cover for a friend.

Our Air BnB is starting to get booked up with guests again and I’m getting to work on my new small business in travel blogging.  So my website could be changing in the near future and the plans to continue the travel writing are all go, so watch this space….!

Indian shoes

My back at home travel feet!

What new adventures are you up to?


2 thoughts on “Crash Landings – Return Entry into Hove, England

  1. Carol Penno

    Thanks be to God, you are back home safe and sound. It must have been exciting to get back on home ground and see your friends. We are enjoying our lovely summer weather, it was good for us but bad for the forests in BC. thankfully we have had quite a bit of rain the past few days to dampen the woods and water the grass and gardens. I have enjoyed your travels. Carol Penno

    1. Debbie Bridge

      Good to here the rains are back to dampen the fires. Mom and Dad had their road closed and no power for ages due to a fire on WestSide Road. Still trying to put it out, but better. It’s cold here, more like Fall than summer. I’m hoping it’ll come back for August!

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