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the Lone Star state – Texas

‘Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.’ – Lord Byron

Longhorn Cattle

Texas Longhorn cattle

This week has seen us in the Texas. I’m really lucky, as I’ve a few friends here that I’ve managed to touch base with.

Our week started with a few nights stay at Medina Lake – only the lake is gone due to poor irrigation management.

Medina Lake

Medina Lake with no water

We spent a day in San Antonio where I saw the Alamo for the first time.


Us at the Alamo

They, also, have a gorgeous river walk

River Walk

River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

where we had lunch at Boudros Restaurant and a really big, but interesting market place.

There was a lovely Tex/Mex restaurant, near our campground, called La Cabana where 3 of us tried some Margarita’s – one of the local drinks.


Margaritas at La Cabana’s

Helen, Denise and I

Helen, Denise and I

Then John and I headed off to visit with my friends. Our first stop was Helen’s, near Kerrville, where we stayed for 4 nights on her ranch with so many gorgeous animals – including 2 Texas Longhorns!


Helen’s Ranch Home

Our first day with Helen saw us in Fredericksburg – a lovely little town with an incredible museum dedicated mainly to the WW II South Pacific battle.

National Museum of the Pacific War

National Museum of the Pacific War

We had lunch with Denise at a stellar restaurant called the ‘Peach Tree Café’.

Peach Tree Cafe

Peach Tree Cafe

They have these cute small homes called ‘Sunday Houses

Sunday House

Sunday House, Fredericksburg, Texas

from when they used to travel in on wagons for church on Sunday – once a week. Plus they still have an old 5’n dime store with some great items at really cheap prices.

Dooley's 5'n Dime

Dooley’s 5’n Dime Store, Fredericksburg, Texas

Our next day was in Kerrville where they have Stonehenge II and a lovely winery close to town.

Stonehenge 2

Stonehenge 2


Austin, Texas

Our last day saw us drive to Austin to meet with my ex-London work college – Shelly – nice to catch up.


Shelly and I at Chuy’s Restaurant, Austin, Texas

Our drive back took us to a few more wine tastings

Wine Road

Wine Road 290, Texas

and L.B. Johnson’s Presidential Ranch – we were lucky to get a private tour at the end of the day.

Presidential Plane

Presidential Plane

Happy trails!  Who is your favourite American President?



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