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New Orleans to Texas

‘This above all, to thine own self be true.’ – Shakespeare

Creole Queen

Creole Queen Paddle Wheeler

Happy New Year! A dream came true this week – I, finally, made it to New Orleans. Needless to say, I’ve fallen in love with this city and its wonderful vibe in the French Quarter – so enjoyed the diverse styles and incredible talent in such a small space.

Fountain in New Orleans

Fountain in New Orleans

I feel like if you look a little deeper a rich and full history is easily found wherever we are landing. I tried some drinks I’ve never heard of like the Hurricane and Voodoo – worth a taste and I’m getting into the foods.  I love the Cajun spices or Tex-Mex! We did a river cruise on New Year’s Eve day, so I was able to ride on a paddle-wheeler in the Mississippi – awesome!


Hurricane Drink

We were only here a few days before we started heading further West. I did see a plantation, Tabasco Factory

Tabasco Factory

Tabasco Factory, Mississippi

and Jungle Gardens on New Year’s Day – all closed, but still glad I got a glimpse! Really want to come back to this region.

Jungle Gardens

Jungle Gardens, Mississippi

Now, we are in the Lone Star State of Texas.


Texas Lone Star State

Our first few nights were spent near Columbus, Texas. A town rich with Texan history and gorgeous buildings, but lacking in a café that’s open on a Saturday.

Log House, Columbus

Log House, Columbus

We are now just outside San Antonio and tomorrow, we will start to explore around here for this next week before we heard further West.

So much to see and do!  What is your favourite story of the West?

Much love


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