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Last Week in England!

‘Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly… prime it with a little solitude.’ – Brenda Ueland

I’m sitting at the new terminal 5 at Heathrow waiting to drop our bags off.  Soon I will be on the big plane to start the longer haul flights.

First it’s Vancouver, Canada – my home town. I’ll let you know next week, on the blog, how my first week back went, but, for now, my last week in the UK.  I met up with John, again, in Hove at a friends place.  It was odd to be in the old neighbourhood, but not our home.  It was recognisable, but a little out of place.

My trusty stead

My old bike which has moved onto it’s new owner.

Still, this time was a God-send to tie a few loose ends with final bills and other such stuff.  We were even able to have some fresh vegetables from the garden – lovely!  The weather has been good and I managed to meet up with many friends and say good-bye.

This included a stellar breakfast with my walking ladies, seeing a movie – ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (highly recommended), BBQ,


BBQ with Friends

Pub Quiz (where we won when John got the exact date of the last public hanging in the UK) and ending with High Tea at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne with some lady friends.

High Tea

High Tea at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne

Also, this week, saw us move to another friends place, in Pevensey Bay, to sit back and relax before our big adventure.  If you ever get there, do the Pub Quiz at the Castle Inn – good fun, good food, good quiz and all for £1.

Pub Quiz Winners

Pub Quiz Winners

I feel raring and ready to start this first leg and content that all the loose ends are tied and all’s well that end’s well.

Do you have any Shakespearean quotes that you love?



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