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How much does our 342 day RTW cost?

Airfare and Travel Insurance Costs

One of the common topics on travel blogs is how much does it cost. Therefore I am going to keep a cost of our RTW trip. The airfare is the big one-off cost. Our trip begins in London with the first flight next week to Vancouver. We then overland through Canada and the USA to LA with a cruise thrown in where we sail for a week in the Caribbean. From LA we fly to Sydney for a few days. From Sydney to Auckland and then overland to Wellington. Then we fly to Melbourne and on to Hobart. We overland to Launceston and return to Melbourne. After a week in Melbourne we fly to Singapore and overland to Delhi. Then the final leg to Dubai and home to the UK.

We choose a Qantas ticket which code shares with BA and Emirates. The ticket allows us up to 46 kilo of luggage each which we will need for the first leg after that we will cut our luggage down to below 20 kilo each. We booked the ticket through Trailfinders and it cost £4028 or


We also booked our travel insurance through Trailfinders for £1110 or


We could probably have got cheaper travel insurance although I found the devil was in the detail. Travel Nomads was cheaper but after reading the small print and finding out that worldwide did not cover India we went with Trailfinders. Who knew India was not part of the world! I did ring Travel Nomads and they assured me India was included but the written policy said it was not. The policy we have allows for a plethora of activities including horse riding, tubing to something called Via Ferrata which is a protected climbing route.

Daily Budget

I thought it would be good to put down a daily figure for the 342 days. This is a guesstimate which is probably underestimating the costs. The daily budget bearing in mind South East Asia and India will be at a lower cost is £90 at 342 days = £30,780 or

US$150 at 342 days = $51,300
NZ$180 at 342 days = $61,560
C$165 at 342 days = $56,430

On the first overland leg we are travelling in Debbie’s parents RV and I have only a rough idea of what the cost of gas, accommodation, day trips, adventures and food will cost but time will tell. In Australia and New Zealand we will be staying hopefully with friends and relatives to keep down costs. For other accommodation we will use AIRBNB, Agoda, and as well as a few other booking sites. In regard to meals and food we plan to eat in a lot on the first legs and in Asia to eat out. Transport overland will be on trains, flights, buses and whatever is available.

What will be the final total of our RTW adventure?

If and that is a big if we keep to the budget the total cost for trip including airfare and travel insurance will be £35,918 or for 342 days at £105 per day. This breaks down to:

US$ 60,488 or for 342 days = $177 per day.
NZ$ 71,557 or for 342 days = $209 per day.
C$ 66,203 or for 342 days = $194 per day.

It will be interesting for me to go back and see whether I overestimated or underestimated our costs. I would also be interested in other travellers views on our budget and whether it is realistic or pie in the sky!


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  1. backpacksandbabygrows

    Hey guys, really excited to read all about your RTW trip – also great to get some info on booking something like this in the UK. Did the ticket cost £4028 each or is that for the 2 of you? Also were there restrictions on your ticket like not being able to double back or could you take the route you wanted?

    1. John

      The ticket price is for two people. You cannot double back but you choose the route especially the overland bit. You can also make one free date change on the ticket.

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