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Halifax and the Eastern States


Halifax, Nova Scotia

‘Failure is impossible.’ – Susan B. Anthony

Well, this week started with our last day in the Maritime Provinces of Canada – Halifax. I waved to all my UK friends from the harbour. (Forgot to mention in my original letter about going to Peggy’s Cove, so photos are added at the end of this letter.)


Me waving at my UK friends!

The harbour in Halifax is significant for my Mom, as this was where she first landed in Canada, when she was 9 years old. We went to a place where they keep records for the immigrants who arrived, so, now, Mom and I are going to write about her experiences, as they don’t have many stories from the children who crossed.  You can read it here!

The next day, we made it across, back into the US and stayed the night in a quiet border town – Calais – nothing like it’s French counterpart.

Calais, Maine

Calais, Maine

The next day we headed to Boston area


Boston, Massachusetts

and this is where John and I headed off on a few days of adventure on our own, while Mom and Dad headed to Chesapeake to settle for a week. While they settled, we went to Salem, Massachusetts, where ‘the Crucible’ is based and I got to find out a bit more about the character I played – Hathorne. Seems his family did quite well out of his actions done at those trials!

Salem, MA

Me outside one of the jails where some of the victims of the Salem trials were held.

We over-nighted in a gorgeous little New England town called Mystic – where Julia Roberts came to fame through a film which was set here – Mystic Pizza.

Mystic, Connecticut

Mystic, gorgeous New England down

Peekskill, New York

This is the original ‘yellow brick road’ from ‘the Wizard of Oz’, in Peekskill, New York.

Then, it was off to Peekskill, New York – a burb of New York City and where my character – Anita Boult hails from in my one woman show, ‘Miss Givings.’

We managed to drive to Delaware State – the first state of the U.S.A. and from there headed to just outside Washington, D.C.  There we met with a friend and had a lovely meal and catch up – we hope to meet again in India or Thailand.

Another great week with so much more to see, but back with Mom and Dad and looking forward to our next findings!

Do you have any great stories of meeting friends on trips – either planned or unplanned?  I’d love to hear them!


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