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Lake Okanagan in Canada

I thought it might be nice to describe our location at the moment. We are on the Westside of Lake Okanagan and around 45km to downtown Kelowna and the same to Vernon. The spot we are at has views of the lake to Vernon and parts of Kelowna can also be seen as well as Fintry Point. The road used to be the most dangerous in British Columbia but thanks to a few improvements it’s now the sixth most dangerous. Saying that in the week we have been here someone has driven off the road and a motorcyclist was knocked off their bike yesterday.

I love coming back to Debbie’s folks place and the friendly community surrounding them. We are only a few minutes walk down to the lake and a jetty where you can jump off and swim. We can also borrow kayaks and just go for a paddle. There also is plenty of wildlife with lots of red deer and the occasional bear. My favourite wildlife are the different types of hummingbird which are so memorising to watch.

The last week we have been doing a lot around the Okanagan. Went and did a walk at Bear Creek, tubing in Penticton, a boat cruise on Lake Okanagan and we visited Kelowna a few times including to see a free Elvis Impersonator show which was fun and outside. We also walked around Kelowna and today we are off to visit some wineries.

Tomorrow we embark on the road trip and our first stop in a few days will be Jasper.


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