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Leaving Home and heading to Henley Fringe Festival

‘Laugh like no one is listening’

What a week it’s been!  I arrived back from Holland on Monday, hitting the ground running by arriving home and then going straight out to pick up my computer, which was had a ‘tune up’ for my trip around the world, then, it was remove the bed from the spare room with a lovely finish of a BBQ on the beach with my walking ladies (a group I started in September and am now having to leave behind!) – what a great way to start the week!

Walking group BBQ

Walking group BBQ

After that, the week turned into a blur of cleaning house, various meetings to finalise things (bills & such) on the house, packing everything which hadn’t been packed, prepping for this weeks run at the Henley Fringe Festival of my one woman show, Miss Givings, various personal meetings and seeing friends.

Miss Givings

Miss Givings

As part of the excitement of the last few weeks, I had to make a whistle stop up and back to London to pick up my mobile phone, I had left there before I went to Holland.  It’s a vital prop in my show, not to minimise it’s helpful communication, now that I have no home = no WiFi.  Good thing my contract has good data roaming.

Also, a bit of drama, my director’s car has blown up and he was meant to drive me and the props/costumes to Henley.  So, last minute change of plans for me to take the train and sort out the box to come on Tuesday for the opening day of the show – fingers crossed!

Henley is beautiful with some fantastic walks along the Thames, lovely cafes and very friendly shops.

Thames at Henley

Thames at Henley

The shops have been brilliant at taking flyers, plus very chatty and interested in the shows – next week will see the end of my run and back off to London.

What are some of your favourite places in and around London?

Love Debx


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