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What does 93 days travelling in North America cost?

We are a bit lucky

This trip is unique in that we are travelling with Debbie’s folks in their RV so not paying for RV rental or car rental. We also do not stay often at motels, hotels or hostels. Another bonus is staying with friends and relatives at no cost as well as a few weeks at Debbie’s parents place in Canada. Her parents also have several memberships which allow them to stay for free in some campgrounds. For instance we spent several nights in a South Dakota campground for no cost. Other campgrounds range from a low $20 to $50 depending on if it is privately owned or not competing with anyone else.

Grub, costs and the journey

Food also has been relatively inexpensive as we usually cook our own meals and rarely go out for dinner or breakfast. The biggest cost is fuel and the RV is a thirsty beast. Rather than break down costs into different categories I am just going to tell you what the average cost per day has been for 93 days of travelling. We started in Vancouver and drove up to Kelowna, Banff then down into Montana,Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan then across Ontario, Quebec to the Maritime’s before heading down the East Coast of the USA to Chesapeake Bay, Virginia. We are here a few days before heading down South and then later over to the West Coast.

Our average daily costs

On average the daily cost per day works out at $US 100. This includes fuel, accommodation, visiting attractions, food and the occasional splurge at a winery or restaurant. It has been a pleasant surprise that our costs have been so low as I had budgeted for a minimum of US$150 a day. We also have had some unexpected expenses with BA losing my baggage and buying some replacement clothes and toiletries, amazingly two months into our trip BA found and returned my bag.

One tip to remember when travelling in America without planned accommodation

During our trip we have stayed at motels a few times when we took the car and drove around some of Nova Scotia and down the East coast of the USA. One tip for people driving around the US in a car is to pick up at Visitor Centres the hotel discount voucher books. Visitor centres are usually located off the freeway when you enter a new state. We stayed at a lovely four star hotel in Fairfax, Virginia with breakfast for US$90. Nowhere have I seen these sort of bargains on the web. On average when we stay at a motel it ranges between US$80-100.

If people have any specific questions about costs I would be happy to answer them.

Even can afford the occasional lobster

Even can afford the occassional lobster


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