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Spying around in Udaipur, India

‘A word after a word after a word is power.’ – Margaret Atwood

I have chosen a literature quote this week to highlight another blog and challenge I set for myself on this trip.  The blog is called ‘the Books I Carry‘ and the challenge was to take a bunch of books I had sitting on my shelves that I ‘never found time to read.’  There were over 20 of them – pretty much the weight of one suitcase!  Well, this week, I finished the last of these books and that ‘extra weight’ is gone.  I’m so glad I took the time to read them and then let them go.  Not only have I learned a lot with my travels, I had time to learn a lot from these books – some were easier to read than others, but all were worth the effort.  So, my question this week is – what sorts of creative goals do you set when you travel, if any?  Why or why not?


Udaipur – old town

Now, my week in Udaipur!


Plunge pool in bedroom!

It seems we saved the best for last.  We were very lucky to get upgraded to a beautiful suite (where I did my last travel singing video.)

singing video

Photo from the filming we did in the room of the video.

As a result, we just didn’t want to leave the room!  We had the best views of the city, the restaurants in the area were excellent

Lake Palace

Restarant with view of Lake Palace.

and we had two jacuzzi pools – one in the bedroom!


A home in the old part of Udaipur where there was a wedding recently.

We did drag ourselves away from our luxury and went on a walking tour of the old city, largest temple


Jagdish Temple, Udaipur

and city palace.  Yogi was our best tour guide yet and very helpful with local places to eat and such.


City Palace, Udaipur

This city was the location in India for Octopussy – if you haven’t seen it, it’s a Roger Moore Bond film.  We watched it here at a roof top restaurant and the city film locations were our backdrop – awesome experience.


James Bond’s Octopussy Boat

Water Palace

Water Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur is where most of the weddings happen in India and after our lake cruise, I really could see why.  There are two lake palaces to hold guests and weddings (guests here can go up to 3000 people!).  Plus, this is the location for the number one hotel in the world!


Dancer at the Dharohar

I, almost, forgot, we went out to an old Haveli – a nobles home which was, also, used as an ancient hostelry, where they did a brilliant cultural show with a 67-year-old woman who stole the night away with her water pots dance.  Just goes to show ya – you are never too old!

Female dancer

67 year-old female dancer – she did carry more – 11! As well as, crawling all over the floor with them!

Also, like to mention that we bought some beautiful hand-made leather shoes for $35 American – they are just gorgeous and very comfy!

leather shoes

These are the hand-made leather shoes

Now, we are back in Delhi for our last week of India and soon off to Dubai and back our home.

Love Debx


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