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Tiger Hunting, The Blue City and my 1st Camel Ride – Jodhpur, India

‘The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words.’


Udaipur Water Palace

In just over 2 weeks, I’ll be back in ‘jolly old’ England and trying a new business adventure and getting my English feet back – seems hard to imagine, as I sit on a terrace listening to the call to prayer in the beautiful setting sun of Udaipur, India.

Well, what can I say? Another awesome week in India, we started off with going to Ranthambore National Park – hunting for a good photo shoot of a tiger. We didn’t get one, but we did see many other animals – deer, birds – especially peacocks dancing and chipmunks!


Peacock at Ranthambore National Park


Jodhpur – the blue city

The next day, we left the pink city of Jaipur for the blue city of Jodhpur – Wow! We decided to do a home stay in the middle of the old city which afforded stellar views of the town and fort from its roof top restaurant. It felt more like a boutique hotel really. Our first day, we went out into the narrow streets which led up to the fort. The fort had an excellent audio guide as part of the entrance fee, so it helped explain the history and, relatively recent redo on the Fort. It belonged to the Raj, but fell into disrepair, so the last Raj, gave it to a trust and it’s now gaining its former glory back.


Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Then, we did a village safari which was more like a ‘living museum’, but it’s the real thing with these families living and working in their respective ways for many generations. Really beautiful!

Village Safari Tours

Village Safari Tours – Jodhpur

Next, we were off into the desert for my first ever camel ride. We stopped off at a lovely temple first,


Sachiya Mata Temple, Osian

then to the camels and dinner in the desert – India style. I loved it and hope to get to do it again in my lifetime – so peaceful and the camels’ feet – amazing to watch.

Camel hoof

Camel Hoof – amazing to watch in action – so maluable!

Now, we are in Udaipur – a beautiful city. When we drove here, we went to a Jai Temple made of marble – stellar!

Ranakpur Temple

Ranakpur Marble Temple

I love India!



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