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Canada House – London

Now most Canadians are most likely, like me. When they arrive in London they don’t know or have never heard of the historic building – Canada House in London.


Canada House is located at Trafalgar Square in London, SW1.

Trafalgar Sqaure from the roof top terrace at Canada House.

Trafalgar Sqaure from the roof top terrace at Canada House.

I’ve lived here over 20 years and it’s taken me till now to go on a tour of this iconic and beautiful building. It serves Canadians in the UK as well as being a stellar representation of Canada abroad.


All sorts of events occur here – art/music/exhibitions, social, political, business meetings and networking.

One of the 1st things I suggest to any Canadian wanting to know more about Canada House and what it offers (this is for the visitor or the Canadian expat) is to sign up for the monthly newsletter. There you will find out all sorts of what is currently happening.

A few years back, I was very lucky to go to 1 of the Queen’s Garden parties because I was on this mailing list and Canadian.

BC room at Canada House

BC room at Canada House

Back to my Canada House tour, this building is renovated so that each of the rooms represents materials and art works from various provinces and territories. So you can walk into the B.C. room and pretty much everything in that room is likely to come from that region. It’s my favourite room, of course, as I hail from that province.

The tour is extremely informative of the history of the house, why it’s where it is and what is does today.  I highly recommend doing it and it’s FREE!

I left with a lovely new booklet and postcard which gives more info and photos of the rooms. Especially those I wasn’t able to see for security reasons or they aren’t always open to the public.

Canada House

Canada House

War Brides

War Brides

While I was there they had an awesome exhibition about war brides who married Canadian soldiers in WW II. Incredibly moving stories of what these women went through with beautiful portraits painted on boards representing the gang-planks they walked up. It’s just a wonderful marrying of Canadian and British history – this was displayed in the lobby.

Art Gallery
Emily Carr painting

Emily Carr painting

They, also, have a small art gallery which has changing exhibitions. The 1 I saw was the ‘Tremendous Elusive – Emily Carr and the Canadian Imaginary’. I’m a big fan of Carr, so any excuse to see her work and, once again, this gallery is FREE.

To enter the exhibitions you will need to go through a security check. This building is an oasis in the heart of London and a welcome break from the hustle and bustle. Plus, you are just a stones throw away from St James’ Park.

No excuse not to go!

Have you been to this building before? If so, what were your experiences? Why did you go? If not, what would you like to see there?


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