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Winding Down – Arizona and California

‘Where there is no struggle, there is no strength.’

Mom on Phone

Mom doing what she does best – sorting things out on the few phones that are still available

Our time in the US is winding down quickly. This is my last letter before we leave for Sydney, so, my next letter will be from ‘Down Under’.

We are back in warm weather – Arizona and California. Our first stop was at the Besh-Ba-Gowah



ancient Indian town.  An old town which they are still trying to understand their civilization, as they left like the Aztec and Mayans further south – during a period of drought. They believe they moved further north and turned into the Indians known as Hopi.

That same day, in the afternoon, we headed further down the Apache Trail in the Tonto National Park

Tonto National Monument Park

Tonto National Monument Park

where there are Cliff Dwellings.

Cliff Dwellings

Cliff Dwellings

These were a real treat, as most tourists don’t know these ancient ruins, plus you can walk through them after a hike up a hill. Here I learned more about the ‘jumping cacti or ‘teddy bear’ cactus. These cacti will literally jump out at you and attach themselves to you. Apparently, tourists, test this knowledge often, as recent as a week before we were there.

Teddy Bear Cactus

Giving the Teddy Bear Cactus or Jumping Cactus a hug!

Our final, main stop on this route was, the Roosevelt Dam – glad I, finally, got to see this dam.

Roosevelt Dam

Roosevelt Dam

Then, we were off for a few days of boon-docking (overnight in the Motor-home with no hook ups) in the desert with epic sunsets and fun friends.

Arizona Desert Sunset

Arizona Desert Sunset

We are, now, at our final destination before we leave the US – Palm Springs, California. Here we’ve been to the night market and C.O.D. market. Great places to find original stuff at reasonable prices.

Village Fest

Village Fest Market, Palm Springs

Yesterday, we made it to some more Hot Springs and an oasis – Coachella Valley Preserve. Where there are lots of trails to hike and look below at the valley – gorgeous!


Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve

See ya soon!  I love to hike, do you have any favourite walks/hikes you have been on?  What are they?



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