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What was your worse flight?

My worse flight was with KLM from Karachi to Amsterdam. I had a bad case of food poisoning before I got on the plane. It was a horrific flight where the staff with the exception of one stewardess were horrible. I have since that day always avoided flying KLM. Of course over the years I have had other bad flights with Easyjet, BA, Air New Zealand and Delta airlines. After flying from Miami to Peru with Delta I swore never to fly on an American airline again and have managed to do that so far. The tray table literally fell to bits and the seats were like something you would find in a wreck at a car junkyard. I wondered if they maintain the interior like this what must their engine maintenance be like! To cap it off an American gospel group started singing hymns. I really felt very happy to be back on terra firma after that flight.


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  1. backpacksandbabygrows

    I’ve been really lucky with flights and have generally had really good ones – nothing like food poisoning and bad service! However I did find the really quick flight from Sharm-el-Sheikh a particularly rough and bumpy ride. It’s so fast they put the brakes on full mid flight in order to get you on the ground in time and it felt like the plane was going to come apart.

    1. John

      Sounds like you have been lucky so far. I enjoy flying and the bumpiest flights I have had are usually the ones when they have to stop quickly due to the shortness of the runway. Wellington in NZ is the one that springs to mind as the short runway and bumpy landings

      1. backpacksandbabygrows

        Yeah I think Egypt was on the whole the worst- the flight there was a bit of long one too as we war delayed and missed the landing spot so ended up circling for over 2 hours until we could finally land – it actually meant we were a day late and missed the trip to Valley of The Kings so was a bit gutted at the time but there’s always next time. Egypt was my favourite so far I think so definitely want to go back.

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