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The Panic Begins

Procrastination sucks. The deadline is fast approaching where we leave the rainy isles or the UK as it is better known. Time does fly. We leave for Holland for a few weeks in a week. Then a few weeks later Canada. The house is nearly all packed up and rented which is great. But there is still so much to do. I almost paid for travel insurance with World Nomads until I read in the small print that worldwide has several exclusions including India!

Still have not bought a suitcase or backpack and thinking of just getting a cheap one in the UK and buying something more permanent in the USA for the rest of our travels. I also have been a bit slack on the blog with everything happening.

This week we are doing a trail pack which will be fun. I keep looking at other blogs to get an idea of what not to take and what to take. Hopefully things will be clearer and pointers on what to take for a year-long trip RTW welcomed!


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