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One Week in Bangkok

‘Love like you have never been hurt.’

John's new friend

2 Kindred Spirits

Now if you all didn’t know it already – seeing as my writing paper for these letters features ‘cats’ on them, you will know it now – I love cats!  So when we found a ‘cat cafe‘ near out hotel, I had to go.  These guys are just beautiful and very friendly.



A real joy to someone who misses all the fuzzy friends I’ve been able to adopt over our year away.  Really looking forward to starting our next fuzzy family – still would love to have a dog!


A real beauty

We are now in Bangkok, Thailand.  John and I have been here a few times, so we aren’t seeing the main sights, but others we’ve not been to.  We started with the National Museum.  It’s under huge renovation, but we did get to see some really nice stuff and look forward to going back again once the work is completed on the museum (more photos at the bottom of the blog).


2nd most important Buddha statue in Thailand is housed at this museum

We made it to the movies to watch, ‘Spy‘, which is a great comedy film, I can highly recommend if you need a laugh!



Then we went to a show called, ‘Nanta‘.  It’s very popular in Asia and accessible to anyone as its mainly about physical comedy and drumming rather than dialogue.

For some more live entertainment, we’ve been out to some live music nights at local restaurants and a jazz club.


Local restaurant duo

The performers are excellent and face all the same problems as any jobbing musician in the world.  Still, we’ve really enjoyed it and I even sang a few songs at the jazz club.

Jazz Club

Jazz Club

In a few days, we’ll be off to India, which is really where this trip began.  I had a desire, many years ago, to travel around the world and, specifically, go to India – well that part is soon to come true.

I have loved South East Asia and have seen and done things I never knew about.  My biggest hope is it will not be long before we can return again and discover even more of what there is here.  What part of the world would you like to travel and know more about?  Have you had the dream to take a year off and go round the world?

Love Debx

More photos from the National Museum:


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  1. Helen Ridgway

    Your posts make me want to go to some of these places! I am blessed by our relationship!

    Love you, Helen

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