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New Mexico visit and magical City of Rocks State Park

New Mexico was one of the states we passed through on our way to California. We spent only a couple of days there at a place called Deming at an RV campground. We were lucky to visit a nearby state park called the City of Rocks. The geologic formation cover around 1 square mile. The rocks are up to 40 feet high with pinnacles and narrow paths between them you can wander around. The rocks were formed around 35 million years ago from a volcanic eruption.

If you ever are driving down the I-10 take the short detour from Deming of around 30 miles and visit the park. It is not a large park and is breathtakingly beautiful with its rocky landscape. Even better if you are able there are places to camp which if we had known we would have done. The City of Rocks State Park has a visitor centre, toilets and places to camp in among the rocks. I wish we could have camped and looked up at the stars. There is a gravel road to drive around the rocks and lots of tracks criss crossing it for walkers. It cost $5 to visit the park per vehicle.

Just down the road is Faywood Hot Springs which we also visited after walking around the City of Rocks park. The hot springs are on a small hill-side with three pools in the clothing and non clothing areas. The highest one was the hottest. There also are campsites and cabins as well as private hot pools to hire. It costs $12.50 each. Do not expect luxury. The setting in the desert is magical and only wished we could have soaked in them at night under the stars.

Hot springs detour

Hot springs detour


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