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Giant Flower, Tea Plantation, Jungle Walk, Street Murals & Much More – Cameron Highlands & Penang, Malaysia

‘And now, this is the sweetest and most glorious day that ever my eyes did see.’ – Donald Cargill

Jungle Hike

Jungle Hike

I’ve trekked through jungle, had a tea at a tea plantation,

BOH Tea Plantation

BOH Tea Plantation

seen a centipede in the wild,



tasted foods I’ve never tried before

Dim Sum

Dim Sum – a banquet of surprises

and, now, fly off to Thailand.

It’s been a brilliant last week in Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands

We went from the Cameron Highlands to Penang – an island in the north known for its excellent food.


John trying some of the street hawkers food in Penang

Also, its known for its wall murals which can be quite the challenge to find, but worth the effort. (more photos of the murals at the end!)


Street Mural

Continuing with the multi-cultural lifestyle of Malaysia, we visited 2 Chinese Clan Houses,

Oldest Clan House

Oldest Clan House in Penang

the Fort Cornwallis,

Fort Cornwallis

Fort Cornwallis – Penang, Malaysia

went to the Penang World Music Festival

Penang World Music Festival

Penang World Music Festival

and visited a variety of temples.

Clan House

Chinese Clan House where they filmed ‘Anna and the King’


Trickshaw – one form of public transport

One thing I’ve loved about traveling through Malaysia is how easy its been.  Most people speak enough English to easily make travel arrangements, order food and deal with any problems which arise.

I’ve found the people pleasant and friendly.  They’ve given us tips on places to visit and helped when we’ve needed it.  I look forward to when I may have the opportunity to come back and see even more of this beautiful country.

Penang Beach

Penang Beach

It’s funny I’ve always thought of where I come from – Canada, as a young country and my years in Europe have only enhanced that thought process, but, really, Malaysia is much younger, as it wasn’t until the middle of the last century that Malaysia gained its independence from British rule.

Penang Hill

Penang Hill – Cable Car

Clan House

Clan House – where they filmed ‘Anna and the King’

The film ‘Anna and the King’ was filmed in one of the Chinese Clan Houses we visited in Penang. (more photos of the Chinese Clan House are at the end of this blog!) This story is the backdrop for where I am flying to next – another country which has seen many changes over the years – Thailand.  I love Thailand and am off for a weeks holiday in Phuket – the south with beautiful beaches, Thai food, massage and many more beautiful people.

Love Debx

Murals of Penang, Malaysia:

Clan House photos:


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