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Florida Take 2

‘The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, it is when you don’t understand yourself.’

Observation Lounge

Me being the captain at the observation lounge on our cruise.

I’m sitting in the observation lounge on the first full day of our cruise – lovely!

What a week, it started with another air-boat ride, only this time, my Dad joined us and we had a great time.

Air-boat tour

Air-boat Tour with Dad

We saw alligators,

Gator in Glades

Gator in Glades

birds and… cows!  Yes, seems wild, domestic, free range cattle roam the back countries of Florida.

Cow in Everglades

Cow in Everglades


Balloons over our campground

Then I got to meet with a friend in Orlando.

We are very close to Disney World, so many mornings balloons go up to check out the ‘Magic Kingdom.’  We are avoiding the theme parks, as they are very busy, very expensive and I’ve seen a lot of them as a kid.

Manatee and Me

Manatee and Me

Thursday, was the highlight of my trip so far.  I’ve been lucky to swim with dolphins in New Zealand, but, now, I can add Manatees.  The most gentle and beautiful creatures and so friendly – very easy to swim with and pet.  You just let them come up to you, as they are so curious.  There were lots of volunteers who watch over them and make sure the tourists behave.

Then, Friday, we got ready to meet with my brother and his family in Tampa.  We have all left on a cruise together in the Caribbean.  I’m pleased to say, we all traveled well and made it onto the ship easily.

We, currently, have 1 day at sea  – often my favourite days – as I love the comfort and ease of cruising.  It’s my floating hotel that affords me to see many places in great ease.  It’s a great way to get a feel for a region and have, what I call, ‘tasters’ of ports, so you can go back and see those ports you like best another time.

Hope you well and Happy Holidays!  How many of you have cruised and what are your thoughts on cruising?


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