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Exploring Quebec the Maritimes and Virginia

Exploring Quebec the Maritimes and Virginia

This post is about the highlights of our next month in Canada and the USA. We spent a lovely thanksgiving in Canada with Debbie’s family. I ate a delicious turkey dinner.We also had time to visit Point Pelee National Park and Niagara Falls.

From there we drove to Quebec City. Quebec was brilliant although crowded as a couple of cruise ships were in town. After spending a couple of days exploring the city we then drove around the Gaspe Peninsula. The weather was not kind to us though and it was wet and cold. The peninsula is the same size as Belgium and part of it is alongside the Lawrence River with some great coastal scenery.

We then spent a few weeks in the Maritime covering New Brunswick, Prince Edward island and Nova Scotia. We had a great time exploring the area even though the weather was a bit cold and wet. Seeing the tidal bore in Moncton, Magnetic hill where you drive your car to the bottom of a hill and take your foot off the break and magically get pulled up hill. Confederation Bridge over to PEI and the scenery around Nova Scotia were also all highlights.

After Canada we drove quickly down the East coast via Calais in Maine to Boston. Debbie and I then took the car and visited Boston, Salem and Mystic in Connecticut. We also visited the Manassas civil war battlefield near Washington before heading to Virginia. In both the battles that took place at Manassas the Confederate’s won.

We were in Virginia for a couple of weeks due to a mechanical problem with the RV. Happily, there was plenty to see in the area and we visited Jamestown, Yorktown and Williamsburg.

Our next part of the route took us down to Florida through the Carolina’s and Georgia.


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