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Eastern States cont… mainly Virginia

‘Everything you need is already inside. Just do it.’ – Bill Bowerman

Manassas, Virginia

Manassas, Virginia where the civil war really kicked off!

This week started with us on the move to meet back up with Mom and Dad in Gloucester, Virginia. First, we had a stop at the Manassas National Park where the first serious battle of the American Civil War took place. I’m really impressed by the talks by the US rangers, definitely worth going on. This battle is what set the US up for 4 years of war and has lost more lives than any other battle, to date, in US history.

Manassas, Virginia

Ranger talk at Manassas, Virginia

We arrived in Gloucester, Virginia and have spent the rest of our time in this very historic region. This is where the Jamestowne settlement was, which was where the British claimed their first settlement. They were almost run out by starvation by the local native population, but, just as they were leaving, reinforcements arrived and thus the British set up their colony here. This is, also, home to the famous Pocahontas story who traveled to England, after marrying John Rolfe – an English Lord, but, sadly, she never returned to her native home, as she died before the return journey home.

Jamestowne, Virginia

Jamestowne, Virginia where the British first settled in the US and Pocahontas was.

We’ve been to Williamsburg

Williamsburg, Virginia

Williamsburg, Virginia the capital of this state.

and Yorktown

Yorktown, Virginia

Yorktown, Virginia where the Americans and French beat the British to help settle the USA into an independent country.

which played a huge part in the driving out of the British powers and bringing in the creeds as laid out by the ‘Declaration of Independence’ which were the foundations to bring about the USA as we know it today.

This is a beautiful area and the people are very friendly. They’ve even helped us find a mechanic to help us repair another broken down part.

How have you dealt with change of travel plans, due to unforeseen problems?

Hope you are well.



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