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1st Week in Canada

‘Faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark.’

Wow, my first week in Canada has been great!  We arrived on Monday with one less suitcase – John’s has been lost by the airline and still no signs of it showing up.  Still we settled in to Steveston – a lovely, little fishing village in the south part of Richmond (a burb of Vancouver), with friends.

John O

John O

I had discovered there was a cannery museum,

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

which was a huge part of our B.C. history, which I knew little of.  But not only did I learn about the cannery, there’s, also, a free outdoor museum of the workers who worked in the canneries (there were 72 canneries in its heyday, now there are only 2 left in B.C., still in operation).  It was worth taking the time to go through it and the guides are very friendly and helpful.

After Steveston, we headed into Vancouver ‘proper’ to catch up with more friends

Oren, Kari and me!

Oren, Kari and me!

and hit some favourite sites in the city.  John and I, always, hire bikes and then cycle round Stanley Park – which only takes an hour and you get to take in some of the best views of the city.

Stanley Park & Lions Gate Bridge

Stanley Park Sea wall cycle ride, under Lions Gate Bridge

Then we headed over to Granville Island Market and had a nice lunch, as well as, taking in the sights and sounds of this lively and ever changing market place in the city centre.  Vancouver is still one of my favourite cities!

Then we started our journey east heading towards Cultus Lake to meet with my parents to begin our journey across the Northern States to hit the Mari-times of Canada by Fall/Autumn.  We celebrated my Dad’s birthday and are off for a walk up ‘Teapot Hill‘ today- very nice!

See ya soon.  (Some extra photos are below)


Teapot Hill, Cultus Lake:


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