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London, UK

‘Silence is the music of wisdom’ – Apoorer Dubay

All go

Ready to go!

This is my 1st letter of my 52 week adventure going round the world.

My 1st week has our house getting rented, but we haven’t moved out yet, something we had hoped would happen by July 1st, but has been moved back to July 19th, which is perfectly acceptable, but this hasn’t stopped me starting my adventure from July 1st. I went up to London,UK to stay with a friend, as planned.  It was a great break, as it gave me much needed space to finish off one big project – my radio show and get other things done without the ciaos of house cleaning and other repair jobs which were getting done in preparation for the big move out.  Seems the more boxes I pack the more I found to pack!

During my time in London, I did something I’d never done which was a ‘tea tasting’ at Twinnings Tea Room on the Strand.

Most popular drink

Twinnings Tea Tasting

It was great fun and I’m an even bigger fan of tea!  I learned a lot more about the history and production of teas and how to really make a ‘proper cuppa’.  It was like learning the history of the world, but in a cup of tea.  Did you know that tea is the 2nd most popular drink in the world, with water being first – take that coffee culture!

From White to Black Tea

From White to Black Tea

Right now, I’m in Holland, as John and I arrived at his Aunt’s house in the south to spend a lovely week with the rellies here before I head back to England to do the final t & i’s  on the house rental.

So what’s your favourite drink and where does it come from?  I might have to try some of your suggestions, if I can – just forget about coffee, don’t touch the stuff!


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