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Why do I need a cat sitter?

I get asked this question all the time. ‘My cat is independent, it doesn’t need someone there all the time. Why do I need a cat sitter?’

In my opinion, cats require someone when you go away more so than dogs. Why? Well, here’s my reasoning and experience:

Have you ever had to take your cat to the vet? Here is a case in point where a cat is having it’s environment change – like when you move house. They don’t want to go into the box, they can howl the whole time on the way there and back.

That’s the worst case scenario of a change of environment for a cat, but this can apply when you leave your home. Cats aren’t big on change. They like security, consistency and the ability to relax comes from being surrounded by the familiar sights, sounds, and scents of their own environment.

It’s true they don’t show the same anxiety as a dog can if you leave them for long periods. They aren’t so appreciative about you being there, as a dog may be. They do want there to be a human and a routine that they are familiar with. It helps them stay calm while you are away. I’ve had clients say over and over, it’s like they never left because their cat is so normal and happy.

At Feline & Friends we like to know all the details of what your feline friend likes and dislikes, so we can keep the cat in as normal a routine as possible, so they have less stress and you return to a happy cat.


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