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Phnom Penh food tour

Urban Forage Food tour

One of the highlights of our visit to Phnom Penh was a night-time food tour with Urban Forage. It was great fun exploring the city and eating bugs as well as other delicacies. My wife booked Ducky’s food tour and it was wonderful to try all the different foods. Ducky is a warm and wonderful hostess. The tour was seamless from being picked up in the tuk tuks to just enough time at each place to sample the foods. We enjoyed trying new and delicious new fruits such as mangosteen and snake fruit which were both delicious.During the evening tour we visited a bar with great views of Phnom Penh and cocktails as well as a night food market which was fun to explore.

Skyline of Phnom Penh

We tried all the different bugs at a stall which were surprisingly tasty. I would recommend doing the tour early in your stay in Phnom Penh and if you want to try bugs again they are sold in the new Aeon mall food court. I also thought the price of US$40 very reasonable as it includes all your beers,food and being picked up and returned to your hotel or hostel. Before we went back to the hotel we ended the night at a traditional Cambodian restaurant/night club with endless food and beer while being serenaded by a Cambodian band and singer.




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