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Hanoi Kids tour

What to do in Hanoi?

Hanoi was one of my favourite cities we visited in Vietnam. The food, people and with plenty of things to do it is a city you will not get bored in. We also used it as our jump off point to visit Halong Bay. We spent over a week there exploring the Old Quarter, museums and watching a couple of Water Puppet shows. During out stay there I had one of the most memorable days we had while travelling in Vietnam. It was my wifes idea to book a Hanoi Kids tour.

There are actual stop lights

There are actual stop lights

Being the sceptical, cynical bloke that I am when my wife said there is a tour where university students take you around Hanoi for free. My response was what’s the catch. There was none.

What is Hanoi Kids?

Hanoi Kids tour is a student run English voluntary club. The students all speak English and want to show you around their beautiful city and improve their English. Our guide on the day was a lovely woman who tailored the day to what we wanted. We visited several sites including the One Pillar Pagoda and several museums. She also was able to explain the history of different spots we visited. She, also, took us to a lovely restaurant for lunch.

We paid for her lunch, the taxi rides and gave a donation at the end of the tour to the organisation that runs Hanoi Kids, but you are under no obligation to do this.

If you’re in Hanoi then contact Hanoi Kids. There are good reasons that they consistently get five-star reviews on trip advisor and are No 1 in things to do in Hanoi with trip advisor. Check out my review of Hanoi Kids and other reviews of our time in Vietnam at kiwiinbrighton or specifically for Hanoi Kids.


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  1. Marc

    Great idea. More and more people do this type of tour around the world. Locals get involved in showing places in their own town to tourists for free.

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