Bridge the Travel Gap

Montana and some hot hot springs

Day One

Finally, have good wifi so can catch up on our blog. We crossed into Montana a week ago without any problems. Very happy that I got the B-2 US tourist visa as the ETSA one would have been a major problem. First experience in the US was being overcharged for a refill coffee by 23 cents in Grand Falls. Happily, after that everything improved. The RV seems to be working ok after the repairs in Lethbridge and the scenery of Montana is stunning.

Some facts about Montana

The population is one million people. The capital is Helena. Its nickname is the Treasure State. Montana is landlocked with a total area of 380,800 square kilometres or it is a bit bigger than Japan. Montana is the fourth largest US state with a 877 kilometre border with Canada. Custer’s last stand took place in Montana and Yellowstone Park is part of Montana as well as Wyoming.

First Stop White Sulphur Springs

We stayed our first night in a campground at White Sulphur Springs. The town is small and surrounded by low-lying hills and wide open spaces. It also has a hidden treasure in fantastic hot pools. There were three hot pools a large and medium one outside and the hottest one a small one inside a building, each progressively hotter. The hot springs were a pleasant surprise and some of the hottest hot springs I have ever encountered compared to the hot pools I grew up with in New Zealand. Weirdly they are hidden in part of a motel complex but open to the public, although you would not really know that from the outside. One odd fact I found out was that Dirk Benedict the actor in the A Team television series grew up in the town.


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