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Florida! Take 1

‘No act of kindness is, no matter how small, ever wasted.’ Aesop

Bird Sunning himself

Bird Sunning himself

This last weeks adventure took us all over southern Florida.  We had some more nature trails in the Everglades where we saw tons of alligators, turtles, a snake and lots of birds….bit like the lions, tigers and bears from the Wizard of Oz.

Southern most point

Southern most point on continental USA – Key West

We, then, drove down the Keyes, which is Spanish for island.  Can’t say I liked the drive, not nearly as scenic as we had heard and very long.

We did like Key West,

Key West

Key West







it has its own character and flavour.  I would just recommend you fly or cruise rather than drive.

If you do your homework on the Keyes, there are nice places, but most of it is over crowded and kitsch when driving the only 2 lane highway.  Plus there is a lot of traffic on said highway at any time of the day.

Ugly highway

Ugly highway to Florida Keyes

We, then, started to take a few days to drive back up the coast to meet up with my Mom, Dad, Mickey (our parents pet cat) and Mojo (the RV).  1 night we had a lovely stay on Hutchinson Island, just north of Miami.

Hutchinson Island

Hutchinson Island

It was lovely and quiet with a beautiful beach area and friendly restaurants.

Hutchinson Island beach

Hutchinson Island beach front

We rejoined with Mom and Dad at another of the Thousand Trails campgrounds, but this one is very close to Disney World, but John and I have agreed we aren’t going to any major theme parks.

Bird in campground

Bird in campground

So part of our ‘other’ discoveries in Florida has been Bok Tower a beautiful garden near Orlando.

Bok Tower

Bok Tower Gardens

It was created by a Dutch/American who was a philanthropist.  There is a beautiful tower in the centre which has live concerts played daily there.

Lovely quote I read there which is a great motto for life, “Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it.”

What are some quotes that you love?

Happy Holidays!



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