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A visit to Quillan in Southern France

A visit to Quillan in Southern France

France is a wonderful country to visit. Paris is one of the most visited cities by tourists in the world. The Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Seine, Notre Dame, Montmartre and the list goes on. I always enjoy visiting Paris whether for work or pleasure. I have escargot and confit duck washed down with some French wine. However, France is not just Paris although some Parisians would tell you it is. In this post we talk about a visit to Quillan in Southern France and one of our favourite cities, Carcassonne. I also have listed some interesting facts about France.

River in Quillan

Some Facts about France

France is slightly smaller than the state of Texas

France has a population of 63 million

France has never won the Rugby World Cup.

France has won the World Football Cup.

France vineyards are planted with New World cuttings and plants, due to a disease that decimated the wine industry.

Paris is the city it is today because of Napoleon.

Napoleon also was responsible for the United States doubling in size with the Louisiana Purchase.

Quillan near Carcassonne

I love visiting France and a few years ago we had the pleasure of staying with friends in the South of France at a place called Quillan, near Carcassonne.  Quillan is near the foothills of the Pyrenees. It is a small town and connected by good transport links to Carcassonne by road and train.

Castle near Quillan

Quillan is a lovely spot to base yourself to explore the surrounding area or to just buy some delicious wine and cheese. For those interested in history there are lots of Knights Templar spots and a legend of a hidden treasure in the hills.

The great place about the village of Quillan is the lovely buildings and the river Aude running beside it surrounded by hilly countryside, ideal for walks. Our friends have an apartment they rent out and if your interested just click to inquire at Quillan accommodation.


Carcassonne is split into two cities. There is the medieval city with the Carcassonne Citadel on the hill overlooking the new town and the river. The attractive city with its double wall surrounding the entire town is a sight to behold and, also, is a UNESCO world heritage site.

After the Eiffel Tower, Carcassonne is the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in France.


The history of Carcassonne and how it was saved is interesting. I would recommend just hiring the audio guide and wander around the rampart walls and visit the Chateau. If you are lucky there may also be a show on in the evening at the amphitheatre. It’s best to admire Carcassonne from a distance during the day or night.

Inside is a tourist trap with overpriced shops and restaurants. However, it is worth wandering around and enjoying the ambience and sitting in the square for a coffee or two. Whatever you do try to arrive early in the morning or late in the afternoon, avoid the middle of the day when it is busy with coach loads of tourists.



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